I’m probably going to sound less eloquent than everyone else here on this subject; certainly less eloquent than you sound, but I really want to say a couple of things about this, to you.

First of all, let me express how sad I am for your loss. The loss of a parent or a child is so profound. Life-changing.

Second, it sounds like your father had a wide and varied tribe. I imagine they are each carrying their own internal eulogy. They will cherish your words, no matter what they are. Because those words will be words of remembrance for their friend; their loved one.

Imagine you were not writing the words, but merely listening. Would any words used to remember him do less than evoke your own memories of him, even if those spoken weren’t of any memories you had shared?

That is what a eulogy does. It stimulates the memory and allows each person their own interpretation.

There is no way you can do this wrong.

But I am truly sorry you have to do it at all.

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