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In the villages, one of two situations tend to develop. Some send the kids off because of the limited opportunities available at home. Sitka has a boarding school, Mt. Edgecumbe, that is freaking AMAZING. my 'nieces' both graduated high school there and went off to college out of state. ( the nieces of my ex-boyfriend-we dated all through their early childhood, for about 6 years, so I sort of claim them. I’ll tell you that story tomorrow.)

Some villages rebel against education because they don’t want the kids to leave. Teachers have a terrible time there. It is really sad. But they’re just protective. A lot of the elders ( numbers are dwindling but still) remember when the Russians came in and brought the bible and shipped ALL the kids to boarding schools and forced the whole “American” philosophy down their throats. They lost an immeasurable amount of their history and culture and language to that generation.

They’re still afraid.

Anchorage is different. Kids go where they want to go, if they can. We have decent schools here but a lot of kids want out. Some come back. Some never do.

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