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My son’s best friend is Cooper. His mom is Cris. She is an accountant, I believe. She’s really outgoing and HILARIOUS.

Cooper’s dad is Ian. He’s kind of scatterbrained (for instance, Alex went to play with Cooper one afternoon. Ian didn’t bring him home until almost 10pm on a school night. When I called to check on the boys, he didn’t answer the phone or call me back, until he was driving Alex home). He’s brilliant and introverted.

I’ve never asked for the particulars, but Cris and Ian live in separate houses on separate ends of town. They are not divorced (or separated, except physically. i think. )

They don’t date other people because they’re still married and, I think, happy. I think they just couldn’t LIVE together.

They do their holidays as a family. Cooper stays a week with dad and a week with mom, just like my kids, except his family isn’t BROKEN like ours is.

I’m not saying this is your situation, I’m just saying people make it work (especially when they have kids together) all sorts of ways.

You are just finding yours. Easy-peasy. (except so, so not)

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