I’m laughing so hard right now!
Lon Shapiro

No, I knew you were kidding about much of it. I just wasn’t sure if you were kidding about the main point, because I didn’t have any context clues and I’m a dedicated ADHD girl- my whole existence is built on context.

No context and I get confused. Like, ridiculously confused. I’m far from bubbleheaded but I can sure come across that way.

Some people find it endearing.

Others laugh til they cry and get all snotty and shit.

I’m taking a stab at which one you are.

I always welcome new insights into the art of letting go, forgiving, etc.

I’m pretty good at it compared the way I used to be. I honestly have no anger towards my dad; I feel sad that he has essentially missed his entire life. I’m working on the rest. I’ll shoot ya an email later on. Right now I have to referee. ☺

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