This article is either good satire or really bad editorial.

Really? It looked like most people who were laughing Trump’s way clearly understood this was in jest.

Just because a bunch of Trump superfans were quick to jump in and make sure to clear up perceived misunderstandings (and boy did they ever rush in to save the day!) doesn’t mean that the people they were so valiantly trying to inform were expressing positive reactions to the post because they BELIEVED it.

It’s hilarious even though it’s satirical, because Trump tweets such outlandish, batshit crazy rhetoric IRL that these tweets are actually believable as something he would have blasted to the whole world at 3am after having seen each movie.

That is kind of the point, right?

And btw I kind of doubt one has to be terribly liberal to see that Donald trump is not operating with a full deck. If I recall, suspicious conservatives weren’t that hard to come by back in November.

I’ve largely stopped following the circus but I can’t imagine everybody got on the gravy train.

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