You seem intent, it appears on pretending you are no different than me. You are fucking different. You have never had a person hold your baby inside them and consider killing it. You have never had a person make a very credible threat to never let you see your child — credible not by legal action but because they held total control over your child.
And your lack of honesty is exactly what I’m talking about when I say we can’t have honest dialog.
AJ Butler

So basically some girl screwed you over and now you’re on the warpath against an entire gender. Grow up. Learn to focus your anger at the person who wronged you. Because you are never going to change this. Men will never get to force women to carry children they don’t want to carry. Even if it somehow became legal, women who wanted to terminate would find a way. They always have.

You should be content in the knowledge that although the baby inside the woman is her property until it is born, most women take the father (when it is the current of former partner) into consideration when making this decision.

Perhaps they are more inclined to go it alone when the child is the result of a one night stand or rape…

So that’s easy to solve. Don’t fuck strangers and don’t rape women and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Sorry. I can acknowledge the biological and legal points of your argument, but unfortunately, there is not really another way to split the responsibilities.

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