Ten Years In Comedy Isn’t That Long
Sara Benincasa

Starstruck again.

Also, Patton Oswalt.

You must be some kind of magical, Sara Benincasa.

Bookmarking to remember to get myself a Christmas gift (!!This!!) from the kiddo on Friday. She and I have an arrangement: I choose a book, she waits for me to true up on her meager allowance, she buys the book and wraps it and we both act surprised on Christmas morning. It works for us and promotes an attitude of literacy and lifelong learning. :)

Guess we will need to modify to accommodate pre-orders this year.

Then, when I think she is mature enough to handle the subject matter of said book, I pass it down to her.

So, I guess she really buys herself a book and allows me to pre-screen it for her.

I’m going to need to sit with this for a bit.

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