Hi ok I’m breaking all my stupid rules and jumping into threads left right and center today, but I…
Classical Sass

Thank you. :)

I left a comment on her gofundme account to serve as 72 hour notice for her to refund the money or a dispute can be filed. I won’t personally be filing one, because ugh red tape yuckyuckyuck but I want anyone who wishes to try to have the opportunity.

I can’t usually do this with my kids. SIGH. But with most people/things, I’ve gotten really pretty okay at separating my part of the thing from the rest of it, and staying focused on that. It keeps me from throwing a lot of blame and nursing a lot of resentments and running around pissed off all the time.

With my kids, all bets are off. They are little button-pushers!!! :) I keep trying, though. ❤

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