Alexainie ,
Jennifer Marie Gady

That is kind of the response I’m hearing from a lot of my black and native friends. I think ( though I could be wrong, as this is not my personal experience) that the reason they’re not getting all excited the way my white friends are is that they’re used to the intolerance, and the racism, and the bigotry. This is just one more thing on top of the pile of things that look just like it. Conversely, we ( white liberals, especially) have been turning a blind eye to the reality that these things are so prevalent in our society. So many of us are stunned to see it bubble to the surface.

More simply put: we’ve been in denial and they have been in reality.

You’re right, standing in solidarity would be better than being bitterly opposed. Unfortunately for that to happen everyone has to agree and that looks pretty grim. But we start small. Things will grow.

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