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There is a woman here. Her father was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago, and we all were sitting in meetings with her as she walked through that.

About a year ago, another woman got up and talked about her experience; she’d just been released from jail. We, of course as we are taught, saw her through the eyes of compassion and welcomed her in.

At a later meeting, the first woman spoke about sitting through that morning meeting. The meeting where we’d welcomed the woman who killed her dad.

At that later meeting, she was free to discuss her feelings. How she felt betrayed by God, to have her safe space encroached upon by this person who had destroyed her world. This place that had saved her from that horrible time and allowed her to heal. How she wanted to scream; to slam the door; to quietly tell her to find another meeting.

She hadn’t done that, though. We welcomed that woman; WE. And she was there. And afterwards, she said, calm had come over her.

She said that if she wanted ANYONE to have the grace she’d been given, it would be THIS woman. It would be THIS room.

She said if this program isn’t for those of us who have fallen the farthest, then WHO IS IT FOR? She said that in this room, she’d been forgiven, and in this room, she would learn to forgive.

And it took some time, but she did.

Real forgiveness.

not lip service.

and it was a beautiful thing.

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