As with every.single.idea.I’ve.ever.had, I was ecstatic about it, and promptly wrote the whole post out in my head right then, in the middle of whatever it was I was doing.
(327) Inside a Struggle Post
Classical Sass

This happens to me LITERALLY every, single day. I have lost more great ideas because HOLY SHIT I HAVE KIDS AND A JOB AND SOMETIMES I AM DRIVING OR TAKING A PEE OR BATH …

or any of a million things that don’t involve me being able to say “cut” and stop to write some shit down.

I NEVER remember it. NEVER. Sometimes — and I think this is worse than total amnesia — , I’ll remember the GIST of it, but forget the hook, or the punchline, or the context or reason I wanted to write it…basically, I forgot whatever it was that would have made it worth reading.

I want to take my brain out and spank it and send it to bed without supper so it will learn a fucking lesson already. But, alas…

by suppertime, I’ve forgotten that part, too.


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