was an honors student, I was in Who’s Who, NHS, National Society of High School Scholars, I took AP classes, graduated with 12 college credit hours under my belt, and I was on the state-championship softball team. I was nowhere near what you would call an overachiever, but I was relatively well-liked, and after my awkward phase in junior high, my high school experience was pretty okay.
High Femdelity

This is, in every way, my life. Except I suck at sports with balls in them. Creepy-ass nationally ranked precision dance. That was my game.

You totally would have made fun of me. Lumped me in with the cheerleaders.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear:

I did not cheer.

Not even from the stands.

I was too busy not having bunny sex with everyone else. (and while we’re on the subject of stereotypes…)

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