Tre L. Loadholt

When we look at the big picture behind us — all the ups and downs and heartbreaks and triumphs and more than anything, the regrets…and we want to think, “it was him” or “it was this or that” or “if only they hadn’t done what they did”, the people and things and situations we start to avoid so as not to be an audience to that specific pain again just grow as time passes until one day, we build up the courage to finally take a good, hard look at the common denominator each time we get knocked down…

It is always US, and we are the one thing we can’t run from.

Love this, such a painful lesson to learn, this one is. Sorry, I’ve been avoiding my email this week. Too many solicitations because holidays. Ugh.

Guess I’ve been running from THAT. :) xoxo

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