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While I do appreciate your comments, and respect your opinion in regards to the Millennial Generation’s shortfalls (and agree that we have, in general, become far too sensitive as a society), I was in no way referring to that set of cultural norms in this piece. I was referring to making changes to the ideals and practices that have clearly not served us well as a nation (or world, as it were)…rather than raising children with a sense of entitlement to equality, raising children who TREAT others as equals. That does not have to go hand in hand with raising children who fall the fuck apart whenever someone doesn’t act exactly the way they were taught to act. I think it’s possible to raise resilient kids who don’t think they’re special snowflakes who can still treat others with absolute respect. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

Additionally, this was not meant to be solely focused on Kel Campbell in any way. I referenced her article within a very personal explanation of my own life experience, only because I had just remembered that I’d allowed myself to be influenced by insecurity when I’d had something to say, and I decided to try again to explain myself.

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