Sounds easy but isn’t. There were protracted phases in my life when I didn’t know and just couldn’t do
Sounds easy but isn’t.
Herr Weh

Yeah, I’m not buying that ( to a degree). This is a simple request that basically boils down to, at is essence, don’t lie to me and don’t flake on me.

It implies a modicum of common sense. Is it okay to spare my feelings about inconsequential things ( does this make my butt look big?) --probably.

But lying about where you were, or what you did…the kind of lying done so that I am making uninformed decisions about my own life ( and by extension, my childen’s lives) is just…no.

Being who you say you are…I don’t expect an existential giant. Just someone who is not a pretender. Does that make sense. ??

The other part relates to being on time or calling if you are late or unable to make it…or if you offer to help me do something on Saturday at 3 and aren’t going to be able to, give me enough notice so that I can find another resource…basic courtesy. It isn’t that freaking difficult.

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