This makes me furious.
Jordan Bray

yes, these are definitely not reflective of my beliefs; to be honest (I didn’t want to share this, but I guess I should), these were the things, growing up, that used to set my dad off. He was forever being denied his actual due because affirmative action, and HE couldn’t afford the chance at a college education, because HE was white and everyone knew “all the money was going to black people”.

Which, by the way, is utter bullshit in his case, especially. He fought in ‘Nam, and could have gone to school on the GI Bill, but Mom got pregnant with me so he went to work in the oilfields to support us.

Guess whose fault it was THEN that he never went to school and spent his whole career overqualified and underpaid?

The fact is, my father is incredibly intelligent, and the laziest human being who’s ever lived. He could have worked his way through school and still kept us fed if he would have been willing to put more than the bare minimum of effort into making it work. My mom was a master’s level educator; he wasn’t the sole breadwinner.

The absolute hardest I’ve ever seen him work at ANYTHING was a few years back when he was jumping through the hoops to get declared 100% disabled by the VA. Also the first time I’ve ever seen him finish anything that didn’t contain alcohol.