Sean, here ya go.
Clay Rivers

You just blew my mind. I can’t figure out how to be this clear about ANYTHING and you just taught me like a billion lessons in a few paragraphs.

You have a gift. Wow. Thank you.

You know, I believe absolutely in the power of one person connecting with another person. Sometimes I think the world has gotten so wrapped up in globalization and viral posts and being able to “connect” with hundreds or thousands of friends via Facebook, or Medium, that the little things (how we treat the people we come across on the walk to work; what we do with our grocery cart when we’re finished using it, etc.) are trivialized.

Little does not have to mean trivial.

Those little things are what our lives are made of. How we behave within them counts.

It’s everything.

I may not know how to approach a collective; an idea; an entire demographic — but I almost always know how to approach a person.

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