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You know what’s funny? I joined. And I LOVE the first thing I see in my feed…all my besties, yo!!

But I have to confess I haven’t even bothered to look at any of the rest of it. I still do what I always did…I read some comment on someone’s story I enjoyed…hop onto another comment from there…then the 3 articles at the bottom of the post? If I see an interesting title I click on it. If it rings my bell I read it. Check out the comments. Hop onto another article that pops up at the bottom ( usually of the three, one will be by the author of the current story, one will be from the same publication, and one will be pulled from a tag on the current story…almost always the tag option is what draws my focus and what I choose).

My experience on Medium has always been, and continues to be, largely random.

I hadn’t really realized that until now. For me, truly, the only difference has been easy access to my favorite authors on the site.

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