Artist Statement

Alexa Ellis
Oct 4, 2018 · 2 min read

For my work in Interior Design:

My interest in design and the arts developed very early on. I was raised in a home where art and design not only became our lives, but also a means of income and personal expression. My mom began her interior design business in our living room when I was very young as a way to financially support my sister and I. I was often encouraged to participate and she actively included me in the journey of growing her business. Art was important for us. It was a way for all of us to express ourselves and bond together during a period when she was limited on time with us and we had to discover a lot on our own. Together we travelled the world, visiting over twenty countries, and often our focus was art. My mom made sure wherever we were, we saw the local art, design, and architecture and learned to appreciate it firsthand.

As a result of these experiences, I have learned to see the world through a creative lens. I have an open eye for art and design in every place I visit and everything I see. Keeping with the family business that originally sparked my interest, I’ve joined the interior design field. Together, we create design plans and layouts for clients while designing furniture and art for various companies. My style can be best explained by the influences from travel and a personal love of history. I combine contemporary and classical themes with pops of color. The idea of bringing architectural elements to the interior of the home, adding polished fixtures and utilizing light to enhance a space are important aspects of my designs. Linking ornate textures with a clean modern aesthetic, I apply all these elements and construct them into one, cohesive design.

Alexa Ellis

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