To All Entrepreneurs: Produce Content Or Die

Rob and Chris start separate personal training business’s. They both are competent personal trainers and hard working individuals.

Rob write’s a weekly blog educating readers on current fitness trends. He also hosts a weekly podcast where he interviews other fitness influencers. Rob documents his life as a personal trainer on video and posts a weekly vlog on YouTube. He’s active on social media, where he share’s videos showing different exercise routine’s for each muscle group.

Chris’s online presence is non-existent. He posts once in a while on his Instagram page, and has a website that’s in need of an update.

In 5 years, who’s going to have a more successful personal training business? Rob or Chris?

The answer is clear. Rob is going to be more successful because he’s getting free, massive exposure for his brand through releasing content. Over time, his brand will be so strong that he’ll have high-paying clients COMING TO HIM.

Who do you want to model yourself after in regards to building your brand: Rob or Chris?

Becoming A “Media Company” Is Cheap

If you’re looking to become a mover & shaker in your industry, you have to view yourself as a media company.

By media company, I don’t mean that you need to run TV advertisements or create an expensive magazine. I mean that you need to start putting out useful, valuable content for FREE. Using no cost platforms like:

Medium ( blogging ), LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Anchor ( podcasting ) or Twitter.

Utilizing these platforms costs $0. All you need is a smartphone to get started. That means that you can have your own podcast, vlog, YouTube show, and blog for the cost of breathing air.

Produce Content Or Die

The creation of the internet immediately diminished the power of media houses everywhere. Now, we all have the power to create and distribute content.

You must release original content on all the platforms mentioned above if you want to become relevant. By relevant, I mean that you’re seen as an influencer in your industry and people have at least an idea of who you are. I’m not saying that you should want to or have to become famous.

Content is the cost of entry to being relevant. If you are not putting out content in the form of a podcast, blog, vlog or Q&A show, you don’t exist.

Their is so much opportunity for exposure through content marketing in 2018, and people are starting to take advantage of it. If you don’t join them, you will lose.

Here are a few facts that will rest my case for why you need to become your own media company:

Content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing & generates 3x as many leads

Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.

Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods

If You Don’t Act Now…

If you don’t act now, you’re going to become the next:

Blockbuster, who didn’t act fast enough ahead of Netflix’s digital takeover of the movie rental business.

The next Toys R’ Us, who got into e-commerce too late while Amazon siphoned their sales.

Start putting out content using the platforms I listed earlier in this article and come back to me in 36 months ;)

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