How To Generate B2B Leads Through LinkedIn

In this article, I am not going to tease you with the basics of LinkedIn lead generation and then try to sell you an online course.

I’m actually going to give you the full step-by-step breakdown of generating B2B leads on LinkedIn.

Without ANY paid advertisements.

If you follow the following tactic that my company Unstung Media utilizes to generate B2B leads , you will see results.

Who this tactic works well for: Most B2B service/product providers

The key to this tactic: You MUST have a well defined niche/client avatar.

● A well niched company with a narrow target market = Fantastic results

● A somewhat specialized company with a decent niche: = Good Results

● A company who has a generalist target audience= Failure

1) Profile Optimization

Your tagline is the MOST IMPORTANT part of your entire LinkedIn profile. The reason is that this is the “headline” to your profile that shows up everywhere on LinkedIn.

This tagline is all over LinkedIn and it is your chance to hook your prospects attention and get them to visit your profile.

Without a good tagline, the prospect will never click into your profile and they will never even see the rest of the optimization you have done.

The common mistake most people make: They put their literal title/position in the tagline.

● Entrepreneur and Founder of XYZ co


Those taglines don’t tell prospective clients anything about exactly what you do.

2) Outbound Connection Requests

The simple process that drives new leads:

1. You send out 75–100 connection requests per day with a non-salesy and casual message.

2. You drip them casual messages over time.

That’s it.

The Drip Sequence

Here is the structure for the drip sequence:

1. Casual connection request

2. Thank you for connecting message

3. Send a useful article/video

4. Ask for a meeting/sales call.

How many to send

At the start, you want to do roughly 20 connection requests per day and slowly ramp that number up to 75-100 MAX per day over about a two week period.

What to say

The main key is to NOT BE SALESY. We have all received countless spammy LinkedIn messages before. Our goal is not to be viewed at as a spammy salesperson with this outreach. To do that, we will reach out in a very casual and friendly way.

Message 1 — The Connection Request

The first step of the process is to send a casual connection request to each prospect.

For example:

Hi {{first_name}}, I was browsing your profile and noticed we are in a similar space so I thought I would reach out to connect.

Alex Albarran

I help business consultants and coaches win their ideal client

Notice how this message has zero sales pitch in it. Instead, all we do is add the tagline under our name as a sort of “Signature”. This helps position you properly in your prospects mind without going out and saying “Hire me!”

This approach puts you in front of them and positions you in a way where it is in their court to reach out if they want to buy. It’s not salesy, and not pushy and as a result people come to you.

Message 2 — Thanks for connecting

Once someone accepts your connection request, you want to respond with a casual thank you for connecting message.

You still don’t make a sales pitch in this message but you do include your tagline again.

Message 3 — Send a useful article

If someone still hasn’t responded or engaged with you, then the next step is to create value. You can do this by sending over a useful article that would be valuable to your target prospects.

You want to find an article that both: Delivers value to the prospect Positions you and the product or service you are selling.

This builds trust and also positions you in the prospects mind.

Message 4 — Ask for a meeting

The final step is to make an ask for a meeting.

At this point, you still don’t want to give a full on sales pitch. Instead you want to ask for a meeting with a 1–2 sentence explanation on why it would be beneficial for the other person to hop on the call with you.

Remember, your prospects don’t care about you. They only care about themselves. So frame your meeting ask in a way that will be beneficial to them.

What to expect from using these tactics

If you are a well niched company then this is going to generate a lot of qualified leads for your business. On average, we see between 5–20 qualified leads for most of our prospects per month.

Time Investment

If you do this all yourself, you are looking at a 100–120 minute per day time investment. We admit, running all of these tactics takes a lot of time and energy. If you hire the LinkedIn Lead Generation service that I have built, then we handle all of the heavy lifting for you.

You will still spend about 15 minutes per day qualifying and nurturing the leads we hand over to you, but you don’t have to do any of the grunt work.

We have also seen others hire a VA to run this process for themselves as well which is very manageable, but you still have the time investment for training.

The whole reason I put together my LinkedIn Lead Generation service is because I know that many people don’t have the time or patience to train and manage a VA on this whole process. That is why we just do it for you.

If you are utilizing this tactic correctly and have a defined target niche, then you should receive leads within 30 days.

Everything I described here is a TON of work. Like we mentioned before you can expect to invest 100–120 minutes per day if you do this on your own. But through hiring Unstung Media’s done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation service, you can get this down to 15–20 minutes of time investment per day.

If you have strong positioning and a good product or service, then this tactic will work for you in time. It’s a matter of committing the time/effort to this project and sticking to it.