One Simple Question to Evaluate Everything in Your Life

Is this bar bringing net positivity to my life?

When evaluating people, situations or things in your life, ask yourself a simple question: does this bring net positivity to my life?

Yes? Keep it around.

No? Get rid of it.

A few examples in your life might include: hanging out at bars, or drinking habits in general; a certain acquaintance who is a negative influence; television shows; social media apps; visiting certain websites. The list can go on and on.

So much negativity on demand!

If there is something in your life presenting any sort of negativity, take the time to evaluate it. Think about if you get more positive or more negative out of it.

Is it improving your health, soothing your soul? Are you making solid, healthy connections? Are you learning valuable skills or information? If there is a net positive, keep it around and think about how you can reduce or eliminate the negativity.

If it brings a net negative to your life, just get rid of it. It is distracting you from positive things and it is likely not good for your physical, mental and/or emotional health.

It’s that simple.

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