BookPeople: Rebrand

Phase I: Observation

Research and Discovery

Design Brief

  1. Background

BookPeople has been the leading independent bookstore in Texas since 1970. Located in the heart of downtown, BookPeople has been voted best bookstore in Austin for over 15 years. BookPeople was voted Bookstore of the Year by Publisher’s Weekly in 2005. With visits from some of the most interesting and important authors of the past 43 years, as well as by Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, BookPeople is the destination bookstore in Texas.

2. Aims and Objectives

The main problem of Book People is that it’s outdated, doesn’t feel as established, and can potentially lose customers over time because of it. Modernizing it, targeting a younger audience, and providing a good shopping experience both in-person, and online can establish credibility as a brand and bring in new customers.

3. Target Audience

*Refer to Personas*

4. Tone of Voice

Frank, Professional, Timeless

5. Unique Selling Point

Providing a new, welcoming store environment for all ages

6. Potential Creative Outcomes

  • Brand Identity (logo)
  • Website (Incorporate home, webshop, blogs, and book clubs)
  • Storefront
  • Store Wayfinding
  • Table Signs (“Best Sellers,” “New Fiction,” etc.)
  • Horizontal Genre Signs (Fiction, Art, History, etc.)
  • Uniforms/Name Tags
  • Gift Cards
  • Events Banner/Podium Sign
  • Subscription Boxes/Inside Flyer of What’s Inside
  • Tote Bags/Store Bags
  • Email Newsletter
  • Airport Location
  • “Coffee People” (Cafe Logo, Cups, Napkins, Menu — Chalk?)
  • Thank You Sign when leaving store (“Thank you for shopping at Book People,” “Austin’s favorite bookstore since 1970”)
  • Stationary System

3. Logo Sketches and Observations

2. Stationary System Sketches


Alexander Alicea-Arroyo

Written by

User Experience Design Intern at Frost Bank

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