Tech & Arte Conference


Phase I: Observation

1. Pinterest Boards (Competition + Inspiration)

2. Research and Discovery

3. Logo Sketches and Observations

4. Hero Image Ideas

5. Personas

  1. Adam

Engineer Intern


22, Male

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dell

Interning at a company in Spain, traveled to bilboa to attend conference

Needs: Learn more about the artists participating in conference and around the area.


Needs and Goals of Conference?

2. Veronica

Visual Designer

From somewhere in Europe

27, Female

Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, Apple

Attending conference to gain inspiration, learn more about how technology is evolving art

Needs: a functional agenda to see which speakers pertain to her career

3. Mark

Robotics Professors

Local from the university

30, Male

Interested in building robots and has interest in design. Would like to see how those merge together

Needs: Learn new things, there to get inspiration and hopefully some goodies

6. Initial Mood Boards

7. Typography Exploration

Design Brief

  1. Background

Technarte is a Conference where international artists and technologists show the most innovative artistic disciplines that use the technology as means of creation. This union between Art and Technology generates new recognized fields, like Nano-art, 3D Printing, interactive installations, Art & Robotics, Bio-art, immersive 3D development, Mobile Art, smart materials and hyper-augmented reality, among others.

From the beginning, Technarte has shown the most innovative artistic disciplines that use technology as the main tool for creation. Due to this fusion between art, science and technology we know more about the present and future trends in art, such as Wearable Tech, Robotic Art, bio art, nano art, Interactive Architecture, Big Data Art, Human Computer Interaction, 3D Scanning and Printing and much more. The latest technological developments are used by the artists to revolutionize the way that the citizenship take interest in Art.

2. Aims and Objectives

The main goal of Technarte is to present the technological developments which facilitate the full expression of the modern art, and to be a forum of discussion and reflection around the existent convergence between art and technology. The cutting-edge technological innovations provide infinitive possibilities for the artist, and the technological society uses the creativity of the artists as a way of inspiration for new technological projects.

3. Target Audience

Professionals, Artists, Web/Graphic/Industrial Designers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Engineers, Software Developers, Professors, Students, Locals, etc.

4. Tone of Voice

Casual, Professional, Trendy

5. Unique Selling Point

Providing a new, interactive experience to fit with the brand

6. Potential Creative Outcomes

  • Hero Image *
  • Website Homepage *
  • Web Speaker Page *
  • Presentation Graphics, e.g. waiting screens (both static and motion
  • Conference Badge and Program Combo (include individual speakers, maps, things to do in Bilbao, Technarte info)
  • Event Signage (outside building OR posts)
  • Mobile App Screens (agenda, schedule/checklists, maps, write-in reviews)
  • Reward System (attendees share images/thoughts on social media about their favorite talks, OR scratch off rectangular things out of flyers or tickets (always win something, big or small)

Phase II: Visualization

1. Competitive Brand Analysis

  1. Guggenheim Museum ()
  2. CES ()
  3. Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao ()
  4. 99U ()
  5. FastCompany ()
  6. WSJ.D ()
  7. Arts It ()
  8. XOXO Fest ()
  9. SPAN by Google ()

2. Website Exploration

3. Badge Exploration


    Alexander Alicea-Arroyo

    Written by

    User Experience Design Intern at Frost Bank

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