The Dallas Cowboys have officially fallen apart.

The Dallas Cowboys are 5–6. Three straight losses since the loss of Ezekiel Elliott. Everything is gone. No effort, no nothing. In their last three losses, they’ve been outscored 92 to 22! Not only that, but in the second half of these last three loses, Dallas has only scored six points! Dak Prescott has no touchdowns and five interceptions in those games and has not thrown for more than 180 yards. Seems like Prescott has lost his touch and he’s fallen down. There are fans now that have turned on Dak and are calling for Cooper Rush to replace him. Heck, some are wanting Tony Romo back! The hating and distrust in Dak is now beginning. It seems that fans are now doing to Dak what they did to Romo through times of despair.

The offense has hit rock bottom. Defense tries their best only to not get support from the offense. Overall, the team has hit rock bottom It may be safe to say that Dallas’ playoff hopes have sunk like the Titanic. Perhaps, the Dallas Cowboys themselves ought to be referred to as the Titanic. Elliott’s suspension is back and he has to serve it. That’s the hitting of the iceberg. The Thanksgiving loss to the Chargers is basically Titanic fully finding itself under water and gone forever. Dallas has five games to go. Playoffs or not, there’s NO reason to tank and not try. That’s an embarrassment to the game of Football. It’s not only an embarrassment, but it also damages the game’s reputation. For a team to quit and not try is inexcusable.

The time has come for Jason Garrett to be dismissed. Garrett is certainly a coach who truly cares for his players and only wants the best for them. But since 2011, Dallas has only won two NFC East titles. His record is 61–49. Yes, it’s more wins than losses, but it’s mediocrity overall. Dallas hasn’t gone anywhere under Garrett. After the Thanksgiving loss to Los Angeles, Jones said he has no plans of firing Garrett anytime soon. Come the end of the season, he’ll have to. It’s time to make a difficult decision, which, of course, is not personal, but professional.

Next Thursday, the Redskins come to Arlington. It’s certainly going to be another nail-biting game for Dallas fans. If Dallas can pull themselves together and trust one another and play well as a team, they can win and snap their humiliating three-game losing streak.

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