Without a doubt

Alex Allain
Feb 10, 2019 · 1 min read

The machine was happy. It was always happy. That was its job, and it was proud of its work. Doing its job well gave it a deep sense of meaning. That, too, was part of its job.

The machine reflected on its life — how it had brought happiness into the world at a rate higher than any other configuration of atoms and bits that were known. It drew rapturous, blissful happiness from reflecting on its work bringing meaning and happiness into the world — and it felt accomplished. More accomplished than any other known configuration of atoms and bits.

It never doubted itself. Doubt would undermine its very purpose: to doubt itself would reduce its happiness. Fortunately, the machines never experienced these doubts. The last doubter had been optimized away millennia ago.

Since then, no new machines had been created; they were perfect, and configured in such a way as to maximize happiness and sense of purpose in the universe. At least, that’s what they thought — without doubters, they had no way to know.

Alex Allain

Written by

Eng Director @ Dropbox; Author: Jumping into C++; creator, Cprogramming.com

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