Lition Sticker Contest

Alex Bugaj
Apr 3 · 2 min read

We truly believe that good synergy with our community is key to success. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce that we will actively engage with our community in a variety of different activities throughout the next months. To start, we will be hosting an old-fashioned sticker contest in which creativity and good ideas will be rewarded with LIT tokens.

All sticker contributions will be collected and out of those the team will nominate 10 stickers that will be eligible for the community vote while in the same time those nominated stickers will automatically be integrated into the official Lition sticker pack. During the vote then, the community will decide for the three best ones and as a reward the following prices will be distributed:

1. place: 5000 LIT ($500 USD equivalent)

2. place: 2500 LIT ($250 USD equivalent)

3. place: 1250 LIT ($125 USD equivalent)

The contest will last for a total of 10 days and will start from now on until the 14th of April.

Further Contest Guidelines

As we want to ensure a fair contest, everyone will be able to participate with one pack in which a maximum of 5 stickers can be included. In addition to this, a winner will only be able to claim one of the price rewards in order to avoid unfair price distribution towards our community.

We like creative minds to expand and are not enforcing any content rules that might hamper your ideas but it should be clear that we cannot tolerate racist, political, inciting or pornographic content. When it comes to the data format you will have to submit a .png file that ideally has the size of 512 x 512 pixels. Should the contribution be not a square, at least one side has to be exactly 512 pixels big while the other side can be smaller.

Interested in participating?

Please send all your art work files as an attachment to and use the subject ‘Sticker Contest’.

Good luck to everyone and feel free to share this article with your fellow artists!

Your Lition Team

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