In this digest: Miss Russia Contest, Programming Virtual SIM Cards, a Chatbot and Microservices.

In this digest: Analyzing a new IT product for a bank, Online calculating and contracting service, Visualization of the delivery capacity for warehouses, Business automation for franchise expansion.

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New opportunities for integration strategies have come to light for IT-architects, Directors of integration, and CIOs. Let’s discuss the tools that are built upon Clouds that could improve your business competitiveness.

Business people don’t want to pay for integration anymore. Integration can eat up to 50% of a project’s budget because you must pay for developing reliable infrastructure, programming of API’s adapters, as well as spend time and money on the teams coordination. After the project is released, you’ll find that APIs suddenly change on all integration points. It means you’ll have to invest money in integration tasks infinitely.

One of my clients, whom I developed new microservices architecture for, asked us to develop integration through iPaaS instead of buying an outsourcing company as he did before. …

Books from the London Architecture conference, October 2016

At the 2016 OSCON and Software Architectures conferences, 1/3 of the public reports were about microservices. I heard complaints that managing a bunch of small services has become a nightmare. In this article you’ll find a list of useful tools for managing microservices effectively.

We almost always want to split an awkward monolith enterprise application into small pieces because business desires to reduce time to market, do fast experiments and deliver features continuously when they are ready with no delays. It is easy to achieve these requirements with architecture that consists of a bunch of self-described business-functions coupled with really small functional pieces, i.e. Microservices.

The key idea in microservice architecture is to create small (really small) services, develop and deploy them independently. Each microservice uses its own database and could be written in any programming language.

If you are new to microservices, a…

In this digest: Portable Data Terminals, Fraud Detection, Real-time Business Monitoring and File Tax Returns.

We begin this year with an every-month activity. In this digest: advertisements in public transportation, IP phone in a web browser, calculating delivery costs for e-commerce and road maps and widgets.

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We’ll look at just one aspect of the topic question. According to our experience in IT-product development for big enterprise clients, we’ve discovered how to implement successful IT-products, what obstacles they are usually faced with and which tips are preferred to solve problems.

We’ve spent the last 4 years working with big enterprise companies as an external IT development team and IT-consultants. Most of our clients are from e-commerce or retail businesses, but I’m sure the following problems and solutions fit for other industries.

Innovations are often incurred but barely finished

Big companies such as giant e-commerce and financial companies often have their own IT, design and marketing departments. It looks like they have all the necessary things and resources to develop the best ever software for market conquest.

Indeed, they have problems in implementing internal IT innovations or bringing new IT-products to the market. …

It’s not so clear sometimes what tasks or features your peers are doing right now. Sometimes you get into an unpleasant situation when you are fighting a complex task whereas your colleague already found the solution a month ago for a similar task.

The issues can be found and fixed during Stand-up Meetings, so called briefings, Daily Scrums, which are strongly recommended by gurus of Scrum and eXtream Programming.

What are Stand-up Meetings?

This is a cheap and very effective practice you can implement in your company. A meeting is held by the whole product team daily. Each member answers three simple questions:

  1. What did I accomplish yesterday? — Pride of results
  2. What will I do today? — Promise to the team
  3. What obstacles are impeding my progress? — Ask for help

Patterns and AntiPatterns

Conducting standups for more than eight years on different teams, companies and in different countries…

Two architecture conferences will be held in London in the same building in the same week.

We use microservices a lot at Byndyusoft. But we feel there are not enough competitive books and articles on this subject. Therefore, two big conferences is a good chance to get the newest information about a Microservice architecture and everything that surrounds it.

Check out how many impressive public reports are prepared for microservice fans in these conferences!

#1 OSCON, the O’Reilly Open Source Convention

My recommendations for attending the OSCON public reports:

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In my consultant practice, I have made a lot of attempts to change processes and engineering culture in my client’s companies. Not all attempts were successful. I found that some organizations first started the Agile transformation on a motivated impulse but after a few months was eaten by the Waterfall culture again.

For example, I gave Scrum training to client’s employees. Then together with a client’s team we released 3–4 Sprints. After successful releases, I left developers and the Product Owner to themselves. …

Alexander Byndyu

IT architect, Agile&Lean expert at

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