Development progress and product changes from district0x

Summer is here in full swing for our northern-hemisphere based team, and amidst the holidays and travel plans we’ve still found plenty of progress to celebrate in the recent weeks. As mentioned in our previous few updates, most development time has centered around getting Hegex and Name Bazaar up and running on testnet instances and eventually migrated to mainnet. Although there has been a slew of other small proceedings on the rest of our application suite.

We’ll begin with Ethlance, which continues to hammer out more fundamental development tasks for the relaunch of our first ever district. Among these include…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

The recent weeks have been a direct and rather expected continuation of the previous two updates, and so this update will be relatively short. While a lot of work has come to pass for the project, it all appears in the same vein: testing, deploying fixes, more testing, followed by more deployments. The main exception is the launch of the Gitcoin hackathon that we are participating in.

On the testing front, all of our time has been focused on Name Bazaar and Hegex. As we mentioned in the last post, we were on the way to a Ropsten launches of…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

Greetings from the other side of another development cycle here at district0x. This update will be short, as it’s a continuation of patterns we detailed in our previous two posts, and we’re in full swing to prepare issues for the upcoming Gitcoin hackathon we’ve funded. These will be shared publicly soon!

To begin, we’ve been re-staging our QA instances to make them more responsive for our development team. This includes moving them from US West servers to European ones, where most of our contributors are located. Some other usability improvements, such as wrapping up and automating a bunch of our…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

Two weeks have flown by, and through the spring bloom our development progress has continued to flourish. Several team members have taken much needed time off given the ongoing push for mass vaccination and the heavy side effects it causes. However, we are continuing to hone in on launches for Name Bazaar and Hegex, with rounds of team testing slated to begin this week. Meanwhile, Ethlance development continues.

To start, we received a batch of new code for Name Bazaar from our friends at Vacuum Labs. This was a rather extensive update, and after a week of testing and review…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

Another cycle of development has come to pass, and we’re two weeks closer to public launch on a broad set of initiatives we’ve mentioned in the last few months. We continue to plow forward with hiring interviews for new developers, establish new lines of incentives and documentation for external contributors to make meaningful additions to the project, and polish off issues related to the dApps in QA environments.

First and closest to launch among these is likely Hegex, which for the past several weeks has been in a state of back-and-forth with identifying a minor set of issues to correct…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

Our hot streak of hiring and building continues in the past sprint as we power along a new list of qualified solidity developer candidates and complete rounds of testing and debugging on new and revamped dapps. This kind of progress is what we have sought most in our pivot last year, and it’s wonderful to see these changes bear fruit.

To begin, Name Bazaar was left in a state of transition during out last update. We managed to identify the underlying issue with the server timeouts, and worked with our development partners in order to clean this up in a…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

The last two weeks have continued our trend of accelerating development productivity towards the ends we established in our pivot last year. Across the board we are seeing progress towards testing instances, full functionality, and polished front-ends for our various marketplaces in development. More detail is provided below.

To begin, we have been riffing on variations of Meme Factory that would make it usable in the interim while gas prices remain out of reach for average users of dApps. While we explore certain scalability solutions that apply across our entire range of offerings, we’ve temporarily committed to relaunching Meme Factory…

A summary of events and financials from the most recent quarter

At the beginning of each new quarter, the district0x team produces a report giving an overview of any major proceedings from the previous quarter. This includes product updates, team updates, community changes, as well as financial statements. These reports are available via our transparency page.

The end of 2020 brought us a bunch of positive reinforcement after what was a major pivot in the preceding quarter. Pouring our time into hiring and defining a range of new projects, we were able to establish serious momentum as more engineers joined the team and more districts kicked off development. As the…

Development progress and product changes from district0x

This development cycle has been quite exciting, as the team continues to grow in both size and experience. As our new developers hit a stride in productivity, many of our projects are humming along towards an inevitable QA testing period. There are many open threads continuing along from our previous dev update.

To begin, the external team working with us to restore Name Bazaar has completed their development work on the district proper. With this delivered, we’re only left establishing a proper QA instance in order to test the changes rendered. …

Development progress and product changes from district0x

The last two weeks have been a continuation of many of the lines of work we’ve opened with new contributors joining the team recently, with a lot of progress proceeding from individuals working on their specific silos. We have also moved the ball forward with a few new initiatives, in particular with regards to scalability solutions.

First and foremost, a number of applications have had new staging environments constructed for quality assurance testing, as well as a range of improvements made to our deployment pipeline. This extends to changes made to our static website deployments, which previously have been inoperable…

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