How To Break The Chains of the Education System

‘Education system is flawed’ — this is a phrase that I hear almost every day from my classmates, friends, professors, even from the TV screen. Seriously, even the teachers acknowledge this fact. Try to remember all the times you asked your teacher,

‘Why are we learning this? Why should I do this homework?’

So now try to remember the answer.

‘Because it’s part of the school program, you need to learn this because it says so in the curriculum.’

To be honest, I was an A-grade student in high school. Pressure from my parents, peers and just society made me fall for the usual stereotype that your success is measured by your grades. If you don’t get good grades, you won’t ever get into college. If you don’t get into college, then you’re done. A disgrace to the family.

As a result, I diligently had done my work. By tenth grade, there was too much homework, so I gave up playing football. So when the guys on my team were out there doing what they love, I was solving algebraic equations.

Secretly I always admired the courage of other students who didn’t give in to the system. Are you interested in creating music? Attend music classes, put your soul into practice, not into writing an essay on world history. Are you interested in art? Doodle your way to becoming a great artist. You’re confident that you want to help animals on a national or even international level? Read more about volunteering and animal care, not Animal Farm or King Lear.

When I graduated, I had no idea what I want to do. What am I passionate about. All I’m good for is taking tests and finishing homework on time. Those were my qualifications.

This attitude and mindset persisted up to college. Nobody really knows why you should write that book review, especially when you’re studying engineering. Or why do a ridiculous amount research papers, on topics that have already been researched? Why should we spend our most precious resource — time, on useless and irrelevant tasks that are just ‘part of the program.’

By complete accident, I discovered EduButlers and changed my approach to education completely. It felt like a bucket of ice-cold water was dumped on my head. I started to focus on the subjects that I actually enjoyed and let EduButlers take care of the workload that isn’t beneficial or valuable to me. Outsourcing tiresome and tedious work that really does you no good, is a life changer.

Most importantly, I can do what makes me happy. Trust me, and it’s not tests. Now I spend more time on working with computers and figuring out problems connected with technology. Research, homework, book reviews and other ludicrous assignments are handled for me.

IT and sports enthusiast