Simple hack to increase the number of customers in the offline business

Restaurants, bars, clubs — all offline business will earn well when the customer will be comfortable to pay, start from the very beginning:

Add to your site, next to the address, the icons of the services of the taxi order: Uber, Gett, etc. with the possibility of a couple of clicks to order a car.

For places with alcohol it’s just #musthave

Add links UBER, GETT, LYFT instead of taxi smileys

Why does this work?

Our brain loves when everything is simple. This means that we will choose that option (read the restaurant), where you need to think less (read where it is easy to get).

There is another reason that is not so obvious — using the buttons on the site, we will choose on some taxi service, instead of choosing: to go to a restaurant or not. This technique is called the “Hopkins Effect +1”, which is used to get the illusion of choice.

90% of consumer decisions are emotional, 
is your website ready for this?

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