1. First things first: here is the draft I promised myself. My pride… Heh.
  2. Second things second. I did all of this first and foremost because I was pissed off that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE would call themselves VERITAS and not hold themselves to a standard of absolute truth. I hold myself to such a standard. When this was personally verified to me, I lost my shit. I bet my name itself on destroying that motherfucker, and if I could not, I would rather die.
  3. Third things third. If you’re only here because you followed “Oneironous”, sorry for taking your attention years later. There used to be some kid who called themselves Oneironous on twitter a while back that you followed here on medium in case they did something. They never did. They left in shame. Sorry for the time invested then; sorry for the time wasted now.
  4. It would be a lie to say that defending my name against the existence of this other name — VERITAS — hadn’t consumed every moment of every day of mine. It has. ALL OF THEM. I have thought about this for the past twenty or so days. If you don’t think like I do, let me break it down further. If I have been asleep (I don’t sleep well) or if I have not, for the past 500 or so hours, this is the only thing I have thought about. I mean that.
  5. Alexandroulykos is dead. The ideas Alexandroulykos rested upon are dead. I did not represent my ideas; I was a fraud. Game over. Nothing.
  6. That means nothing because I am and always have been nothing. That’s what made posting ideas special when I initially posted them… that’s what made it so easy to let attention regarding ideas go to my mind.
  7. I’m sorry I abused your attention whenever and wherever it was given. If allowed to speak for myself, I would say I learned lessons that I needed to learn.
  8. I hope you still let me demonstrate new thoughts, new ideas, new lessons.
  9. I will change the name I built for myself in the near future as honor dictates I must.

10. Veritas is, evidently, more real than me; compared to him, I was a fraud.

Alexander Wolfe

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