I remember the lazy mornings when I was a kid growing up in—actually, no. You don’t get the story. Everyone complains about recipes and having to scroll past the story to get to the instructions. Well, fine. Have it your way.

I just want you to know it was a really good story. Shocking, even. But no, you don’t get to hear it because you’re impatient. It was one of those stories you could have told friends later too, at a bar or whatever, and they would have been impressed. You don’t get that now. You’ve lost that privilege.


Something about the winter makes everything gray. It’s probably due, in part, to the lack of greenery bouncing colorful light onto the surrounding buildings. The never-ending overcast haze of frigid days. The thin layer of salt and muck on the sides of cabs.

Spring though, spring brings with it a burst of color. The air seems cleaner than before, the colors more vibrant than they’ve perhaps ever been. The buildings that were stark and dim are now a haphazard mix of pinks, oranges, blues. The trees budding and flowering and spewing forth those little baby leaves that are half embarrassing…

As a normal person, I have wondered about the sex lives of the brands I support. Whether potato chips or financial institutions, I can’t help but imagining what each brand is like after listening to smooth jazz, eating oysters and having one White Claw too many. How do they act after they leave their logo on the floor of a stranger’s studio apartment in Bushwick? Do they groom? Does their bed squeak? I need to know.

Thankfully we have Twitter, which gave us a glimpse into the private lives of our favorite brands when Netflix (a pretty horny brand, turns…

A cursory look at recent box office returns will yield one conclusion: America is hungry for reboots. In the past year alone, Will Smith’s terrifying blue genie in Aladdin raked in over $1 billion internationally and The Lion King dethroned Frozen to become the highest-grossing animated film in history. Studios have discovered that any hit from the ’90s can be repackaged to satisfy the nostalgia of Millenials whose only refuge from the horrors of 2019 is the sweet illusion of childhood memory.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard there was going to be an unofficial, live-action reboot of Recess, a…

It was only a matter of time. As large consumer brands allowed their social media teams to push the line of acceptable posts further and further, eventually one of them would cross it.

Sunny Delight discovered this in early February, tweeting an angsty “I can’t do this anymore” without context as to what the anthropomorphized bottle of juice could no longer do. This offered the perfect opportunity for every brand with a liberated social media team to jump in and console the sad, sentient juice.

Fashion is cyclical, this we know. Yet despite the wealthy elite being on the country’s shitlist, prep seems to be coming back. Somehow. Even the writers at GQ are expecting another wave of popularity.

They are right, but it’s not what you think.

For the most part, prep refers to a style and culture that solidified between the 1930’s (with the debut of the Weejun penny loafer) and the 1960’s (with the presidency of John F. Kennedy). During this time the style was shaped with inspiration from traditional British fashion as used by students in Ivy League schools across the…

Get ready folks, it’s time to talk masculinity.

Often a topic of passionate debate, masculinity has a problem of its own: it’s definition. The most common examples on social media refer to something called “toxic masculinity,” and what they describe sounds as problematic as you would expect. Whether it’s varying forms of misogyny, rape culture, excessive aggression, or simply how uncomfortable men are with emotional health, toxic masculinity paints a clear picture of something bad.

And that’s not even considering the challenges queer folks have to grapple with regarding masculinity. A few years ago I spoke on HuffPost Live about…

Endurance events might sound painful, but they can transform your life.

If you’re anything like me, the idea of climbing a mountain four times in a single day may sound unpleasant. The idea of climbing that same mountain while caked in manure, getting shocked by 10,000 volts, trudging through a tank filled with ice, and sliding through a wall of fire may sound more like torture. And yet, not only did I somehow survive this very scenario, I volunteered for it. In fact, I paid several hundred dollars for it! …

Alexander DeLuca

Alexander De Luca is a writer, YouTuber, and communications strategist based in New York City. He writes about internet culture. alexanderdeluca.com

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