Could you imagine a startup providing peace as a product? 
That’s no joke. We’ve been applying for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Partnership. Peace is goal no. 16. And few initiatives are going for this goal.
Even mentioning the word peace in connection with sustainability or social entrepreneurship immediately cuts you off from the Facebook likes of junior activists going for water supply, homosexual marriage, climate change, nutrition or education of poor black girls.
Peace — especially in the US — is an absolute no go.
But we are Swiss and therefore allowed to run a company providing peace. The only thing we can’t do is to applying for Venture Capital.

So how do we provide peace? By building up bridging Social Capital in 30 languages and 140 countries:

The surprising thing is that our first and only customers are governments. They seem to be the only to organize war. And the are the only aiming for peace.
The activists, the media, the venture companies don’t care.
Peace will never be among their priorities.