Organised religion must join the fight against homophobia
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First: I’m not a member and advocat of organized religion. But the focus of any religion is on interpersonal shared values and convictions.
Among those spiritual and social assets promoting the family might be the most important one. The rituals of religion take place around the mysteries of birth, marriage and death. In Christianity we praise the holy family.
Organized religion has always been a harbour for the issues of families threatened by war, exploitation, poverty and destruction.

Today families are primary killed by self-fulfilment. The children leave lost in patchwork surroundings. The parents desperately seek for new partners. In this sad environment homosexuality became a societal issue. 
Yes, it’s self-fulfilment . Yes, it’s freedom. Yes, it’s a Human Right.

But why should religious leaders ‘combat institutionalized Homophobia’ or even ‘join the fight against Homophobia’?

The message of religious leaders in the best case is to make love and not war. Homophobia isn’t a disease. It’s a natural reaction of males to other males. In Russia it’s more spread. In Denmark less.

But is it an urgent issue for religious lessons?

Religion teaches males to having responsibility for their wives and children. Only around 20 per cent are able to keep their promise and to deliver sustainability within their family.
The rest is like the Homosexuals: free, self-fulfilling, independent, reclaiming his right to divorce and to hiring a younger girl from a poor region. Yes, it’s all legal.

But is it the obligation of religion to praise everything legal?

War on terror? Financial cheat? Divorce? Abortion? Homosexuality? Paedophilia?

It’s as well not good to praise Homophobia.

I find homosexuals often boring and antisocial. But I’m neither afraid nor do I hate them. I just don’t want them to tell me day and night that they are homosexual and that I have to fight for their rights.

Nobody is fighting for my rights as a father of three at all.

And I don’t reclaim the religious leaders to do so.

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