Disclosure of patient data: Digitalization will resolve a hospitals efforts to economize on paperwork.

A scandal erupted in Chelyabinsk after personal patient data from local hospitals was leaked in April 2018. It turned out that medical records of patients had been re-used repeatedly, and in an effort to save money on paper, the hospitals were printing on the back of old coupons. Thus, the surnames, names and patronymics, passport data, and even diagnoses of patients was exposed to complete strangers. Scope for this type of abuse is proliferating, with little concern for the ethics involved.

This practice is hardly unique, and has not been invented by Chelyabinsk Hospital employees, but is a direct consequence of outdated storage methods for processing and transmitting information. Such examples are instantly resolved by transitioning Medicinal Records through a Digital workflow.

Managing documentation digitally will reduce such infringements, and blockchain technology will protect data from outsiders, as well as enhancing data processing into an extremely rapid and free format. Everyone will benefit — both patients and doctors, as well as the administration of health care institutions. Medical institutions will no longer need to try and save on paper, and patients will no longer need to worry that their personal information and health data becomes public.

Now the State needs to accelerate the process of digitalizing medical records, by using innovative business solutions to develop the transfer of medical records to block-technology.