Medical Gadgets and Wearable Devices Can Change Modern Healthcare

The rapid development of information and communication technologies opens up broad prospects for the use of scanning devices in the healthcare sector. The emergence of such gadgets and their introduction into everyday practice has become a veritable revolution for healthcare. Medical scanning devices are able to reverse the traditional system of diagnostics and medical care with their superior efficiency.

Thanks to medical gadgets, the patient can choose to consult a doctor not only on the basis of his or her own individual feelings, but also based on the testimony of scanning devices that “read” information about the state of health of our body. For example, a gadget has been created that allows patients with asthma to track where and when they experience asthma attacks so that they can then avoid those places. Similar devices have been designed for patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. with great accuracy and ability to detect abnormalities that otherwise may go unnoticed.

NWP Solution is currently developing a special bracelet called the NiteWell bracelet, which is designed to monitor the health of newborns and young children all the way from birth to 12 months old. The bracelet collects information related to the cardiovascular system and body temperature and the child’s movements as well as its local environment. The gadget contributes significantly to reducing infant mortality by helping parents and doctors monitor the child’s health. Use of the bracelet will lead to continuous analysis of holistic health and reduced risk of “cot death”, or sudden infant death syndrome, which kills thousands of babies annually.

The NiteWell device will use data and monitoring to detect dangerous infant abnormalities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The introduction of modern gadgets in the healthcare sector enables people to improve control over their health, alerting them to potential health problems and saving lives in the process. NWP Solution’s NiteWell device is an example of such devices helping to revolutionize modern medicine.