What is Telemedicine and Why Is It So Great?

Over the past few months or even longer, you may have heard the term “telemedicine”. The term has been used more and more in the media and to describe a wide array of health related things. However, how do you describe what telemedicine is very briefly? Essentially, telemedicine is the use of telecommunication systems to deliver medical services from a remote location. These systems can include internet, wireless, and more.

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing segment of healthcare, and has much more room to grow. Currently, telemedicine is used by heart patients who have cardiac monitors. In the United States, telemedicine technology is becoming much more common, with at least half of all hospitals having at least one form of telemedicine, according to the American Telemedicine Association (ATA). This number grows significantly when we take a global perspective.

One of the reasons telemedicine is becoming so popular and used more and more by both hospitals and individuals is because of its ease and safety. Because telemedicine uses wireless, internet, and other forms of telecommunication systems, most devices are extremely easy to integrate into everyday life — just like a cell phone. Additionally, there are very few (if any) major safety hazards when using telemedicine. Telemedicine is in fact built on years of research and experimentation. Today, it is still guided by strict standards and protocols to ensure its continued safety.

The appearance of telemedicine in the form of apps, monitors, and other devices is only going to grow in the coming years. Its ability to reduce hospital visits, increase frequency of thorough monitoring, safety, and cost effectiveness, it is very hard to see the growth slowing down an time soon. Telemedicine is a very exciting market, and one that deserves some attention.