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In comparison to my rookie year as a business owner, my sophomore year looked like a walk in the park, but that was the hard part. There will always be some form of chaos in owning a business, but the difference between my rookie and sophomore season is making it look calm.

I burned myself out my rookie year. My relationship with my business partner (and brother) was strained. I realized the word “fair” in a business relationship can be loaded. …

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If you’re one of the 40 million adults that suffer from anxiety, a job in sales is probably one of the least appealing options for employment. Unfortunately, you may be doing yourself, and the sales industry, a disservice. In my opinion, as a sales professional who struggles with social anxiety, you may be just what the industry (and consumers) are looking for.

A Healthy Sales Environment Makes A World Of Difference

Traditionally, sales roles have a low barrier to entry and a high turnover rate. This breeds an alpha like mentality within sales professionals who are able to outlast (instead of out-perform) their counterparts. …

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Late in 2017, I took the plunge and participated in buying out one of our company’s partners. Now, a year later, I’m grateful to have the opportunity to reflect on three key experiences that I hope will help you as you navigate the early stages of managing your small business.

Keep Your Tax Game Tight

Most of what you read and hear about taxes as a small business owner is bullshit. My first year having to file as a business owner was foolish and expensive. Stay away from those that oversell you an obnoxiously aggressive tax plan with little or no coaching. Not only will…

Alexander Grimnes

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