Why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton
DeRay Mckesson

Dear Mrs. Clinton,
You are well-known to the whole world as a responsible, highly-professional and moral politician, for whom state’s interests are above your own ambitions. Many sincere friends of the USA, who share its moral values of freedom and democracy, would like to wish you to win the elections. At the same time I am anxious about the similarity between the situation in the USA now and the situation in Ukraine in 2010 when we had to choose between Yanukovych and Tymoshenko! That is why I would like to prevent you from repeating mistakes of the latter, since these mistakes led to tragic consequences. Though there are cultural differences between our states and their potentials can’t be compared, the similarity of geopolitical situation can be observed in holding elections in the conditions of hybrid war with Russia in which our countries are its main goals. It is important to mention that hybrid war has a priority strategy according to which the Kremlin is trying to capture “the central control unit” of the country-opponent due to promotion of its candidates-agents for top government positions to use them for self-ruining of the country as it was in Ukraine. The main mistake of Tymoshenko which led Ukrainian people to the tragedy was inept conduct of the second round of the election campaign, it was burdened by the betrayal of national interests by then acting President Yushchenko and I think the Kremlin was involved in it. Yulia made a number of tactical mistakes, maybe because of incompleteness, maybe because of image-makers’ betrayal who “recommended” her to talk to voters wearing an awkward outfit of a village woman while Presidential candidate should look as a President. But the most tragic and fatal strategic mistake was that she had not told Ukrainian people, that Yanukovych as a President is WAR! First of all, many people have already expressed well-founded assumption that he was a man of Putin, the KGB recruited. Secondly, during the Orange Revolution I had an intellectual analysis of the information war of Russia against Ukraine and concluded it was preparing the annexation of the Crimea and the South East by initializing the civil conflict. This is what I warned NATO, OSCE, Al Gore, Viktor Yushchenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Aleksander Kwaśniewski and others. There were other serious analysts such as former adviser of Putin, Andrey Illarionov, Russian historian and publicist Aleksey Shyropaev who made similar conclusions. According to the satanic logic of the hybrid war “the Kremlin’s enemies” must destroy themselves. Directly for this, points for objectively existing social tension and fracture in the body of the enemy are searched, after that Russian intellectual agencies initiate the tension level and the process of self-destruction of the object of attack begins. In your country enough people argue that Trump is potentially associated with the Kremlin, based on his surrounding, business interests, scandalous pro-Russian statements, as well as spyware Russian penetration into the social network. An additional argument is that he uses effective Russian information technology in social networks, oriented to the unenlightened, working class population receiving emotional meaningless simulacra rather than a reasoned message content from you. If, God forbid, Trump becomes the President of America, then like Yanukovych he will make such strategic decisions against which patriotic America will rise, and then — something like Ukrainian scenario, which will be burdened not only by Russia, but also by the Chinese presence… We hope that Trump will not be the President, but one should understand and evaluate that the mere fact of his presence in the political top has caused enormous damage to the States not only by the crisis of the Republican Party, but also by Russian society polarization technology in the spirit of the class fascism, using the unenlightened strata of the population to self-destruction of the nation. I really hope that American intelligence agencies are smart enough to reveal the foreign interference in the internal political competition, and Americans will prevent the implementation of the Ukrainian scenario in the US. In any case, American people have a right to know the truth about all the potential threats to their country. Unfortunately, because of the criminal ignorance of our political leaders who had not warned Ukrainian people about that, we pay for this with the lost lives of our patriots.
Yours faithfully
Alexander G. Yushchenko,
NATO Manfred Worner Fellow in artificial intelligence and information technologies


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