Until yesterday I thought my life could be different, I was in love, etc. -Roberto Bolaño, Antwerp

The campus steeple Golgotha on the small town skyline. Latin sayings on stone walls as pronounced as letters beneath shopping cart handles.

There are women with words here too, words on asses in yoga pants and it’s a forgiving October to be warm and still kind to the skin but I do not look at these girls since I am only here for her.

She’s nineteen and I’m not. I’m twenty-four and pretending to be an adult and rent a car with money…

Redemption is glorious, and it isn’t nearly enough. It saves only one person at a time, and the world is full of people. -Jeffrey Eugenides

You know those moments, where you want to love, when you tell them you can’t right now, their response in sobs the kind of soft sobs that should rock you awake but you can’t sleep since you’re watching them all bundled in your blanket over there on the couch that your friend loaned you, coffee table too, she’s crying, yes, and dressed like a cheap middle school version of a Greek play?

We say to…

Alexander Atsales

Tried to be a writer a while ago. QA Analyst, Developer-in-training.

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