A Band of Thieves

The trail started by winding up through the dense Beech forests of the Routeburn. The cacophony of birds and rapids is absorbed into the heavy weight of the forest.
The way was dense with tussock interspersed with frozen marsh.
With winter on its way the cold was really biting on Sugarloaf pass and without the weight of our packs, we explored the infrequently visited pass.
Peter Hillary looking down at the Routeburn below; a peaceful beginning to sleepless night.
My trusty tent sat in the shelter of the tussock as we prepared an early dinner.
Keas are a wonderful brown-green colour when prowling the alpine landscape, but when in flight the striking red and orange feathers of the inside of their wings is visible.
When the troupe of Kea arrived we were delighted by their inquisitiveness and intelligence but made a mistake in not scaring them off immediately.
A farmer’s helicopter transports a quad bike to a remote station on the west coast.
Standing over us as we ascended the ridge was Upper Peak of the Humboldt mountains.
The rocky pinacles of the ridge above Sugaloaf pass provided splendid views of the Routeburn and Rockburn.
Rising above the forest in the distance is Mt Aspiring and the Southern Alps of New Zealand




Adventurer, Photographer, Designer.

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Alexander E. Hillary

Alexander E. Hillary

Adventurer, Photographer, Designer.

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