7 Almighty Freelancer Hints

Hello, my name is Alexander Isora. I’ve been developing web animations as a freelancer since 2014. This period gave me lots of insights I want to share with you.

Some of these hints are dead obvious and simple. Some are tricky and require additional preparation and skills. Anyway, I hope both beginner and advanced freelancers will find the information useful.

Get a Partner

Go out and make some freelancing friends.

First, it will allow expanding the variety of services to offer your clients. Let’s say, your hypothetical HTML pal can help making your PSD template come alive.

Second, a reliable mate can take over some of your tasks if you did poor planning and feel overloaded.

Third, sadly, but accidents do happen. It’d be extremely nice if your project will not fail in case you, let’s say, suddenly break your arm. If a trustworthy buddy can still make your client happy you will get a +5000 loyalty points bonus and save revenue.

Physical Training

You simply have to do some workout. Being a freelancer today means sitting all day long on a soft chair which is totally unnatural. So considering doing some workout is a great idea.

Squats are essential. The exercise boosts testosterone production, drives blood flow to the genitalia, tones your abs, butt and legs, enhances posture, increases flexibility.

Jogging is super profitable for your body as well. It gives you energy, health and, most important, extra years of life.

N.B.: consult your doctor before starting training.

Make Love

Many similar articles advise to love every project and show your interest to a client. I’d rather say that you should truly love your entire job. Everything else will come naturally.

Think About the Future

Hold on for a moment and have a think about tomorrow. Do you really want to code/draw/write all the stuff by your own till death?

If no, you may want to go further and create an agency or start selling your own products. It’s an incredibly interesting yet very long path. The earlier you realize your true vector of growth the sooner you will become successful.

Rotate Your Clients

If you work for one client for a long time, you may feel anxious thinking he/she may go away. I believe a good freelancer needs to diversify his/her client base in fact to become more flexible and independepent. Furthermore, the more different clients you have the more various feedback you get. This will help you to understand better what skills need to be developed more.

All you have to do is to ask your current client to give more time for the next project and spend this time finding some fresh and challenging jobs.

Step on the Other Side

Try to act as a client and hire somebody to finish your current task. Completing all the hiring steps will help you understand clients more deeply and clearly. You will be taught some valuable lessons, therefore become a more professional freelancer.

💎 Free Bonus: Useful Tools

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Hope these tips will be helpful for you. Feel free to share your own experience in a comment below.