Why the National Review, Yahoo News, and many other experts are completely wrong about student debt cancelation

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On February 18th, amidst heavy talks for student loan cancelation from Senator Schumer and Warren, the National Review (NR) published a ridiculous article titled “Canceling Student Debt Is Still a Terrible Idea”.

Warren and Schumer proposed a $50,000 student debt cancelation plan with Biden suggesting a $10,000 one.

Despite this, the NR believes this is a bad idea and claims that;

“Student debt is not a ‘crisis’” and that “most students graduate with manageable levels of debt, and those with extremely high debt burdens tend to be the folks who got postgraduate degrees or chose to attend expensive private schools…

The 4-day work-week seems ever likely because of the recent pandemic, and although many companies move towards it, will it be embraced by everyone?

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Companies appear to be frozen in a tit-for-tat situation.

If Company A reduces work hours, Company B will still work those hours and drive Company A out of business.

Or so it is believed.

But is this really how it works?

In 2019, Microsoft in Japan introduced a “Work-Life Choice Challenge,” which saw it shutting down its offices each Friday in August.

Sales per employee skyrocketed 40% during this period.

The impacts of this were important.

For starters, Japan has a grueling work culture.

The problem is so severe, the country has even coined a term for it: karoshi means…

How technology is tricking us into using it to satisfy our need for self-fulfillment

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When I was a university student, I remember being on a campus shuttle bus, putting my phone down, and seeing my peers hunched over their screens.

By my junior year of college, I was haunted by the idea that my phone was occupying a large portion of my time.

I made the conscious effort to put my addictive device away.

I would not check my phone for my entire time on campus until I got home — but it wasn't easy.

I felt like an alien on a foreign planet as I saw my peers’ eyes glued to their phones…

Temporarily at least

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Manhattan has about 1.5 Million office workers.

They support small businesses, restaurants, and retail real estate.

The NYC vacancy rate has reached 15% in January.

As a response, Governor Cuomo has outlined a plan for pop-up testing to ensure a smooth transition to the office.

This is no quick fix because according to a Pew Research Center study, more than 50% of employees want to keep working from home even when the pandemic is over.

The issue here is that many businesses that relied on these workers commuting and living in cities will now suffer.

The industries that support white-collar…

Exploring the rough and tumble of a job search during the pandemic

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Job hunting is no easy feat.

I remember my dad telling me a story of how he applied to jobs in the 80s — alone in a room with his advisor — sending out his resume through a fax machine.

My mom, who applied to work in retail in the 90s, went directly to department stores to fill out her applications.

Today, job hunting is a different beast.

In addition to the fear and anxiety associated with putting yourself out there and limiting yourself on how you look on paper, now you are run through applicant tracking systems that nitpick…

Now every continent has been discovered, where can free-spirited people go to get away?

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The lonely uphill struggle for freedom seems especially odd in a society dominated by control and power. The once free-thinking American frontier lifestyle has been transformed to more closely align to the comfort associated with its British mother-culture.

People once fled to the American Colonies for self-reliance, self-governance, and adventure. Manifest destiny — the concept that the United States was destined to expand across the American Continent — has been replaced with boundaries and orders.

A World of Conformity and Comfort

In a world where globalism is the norm, people can’t escape the public eye, government, or societal criticism. But, just like in the 19th century…

Should students pay off their loans amid 10k cancelation talks?

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As I sat in my pajamas sipping my morning dose of caffeine in early November, the thought of student loans popped up in my mind.

Naturally, tens of thousands of dollars owed to some shadowy loan company is cause enough for constant worry — but the fact that Biden had tentatively won the election made me consider the possibility of student loan forgiveness.

I was working from home, but the job, a paralegal, was barely enough to cover the cost of monthly student loan payments and personal spending before the pandemic.

At that point, through frugality, I had saved up…

Should young professionals demand more from their jobs?

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It’s the avocado toast and latte generation’s time. But younger Americans are frequently called entitled and lazy.

Millennial and Gen Z have become derogatory terms in traditional workplaces.

Employers used to have a take it or leave it attitude towards work, but now the situation has been flipped, and younger people refuse to take jobs. Many older generations were forced to take a view of jobs where they were a necessary evil in life. Millennials reject the notion that they must toil their whole lives for a nameless and faceless corporation.

According to Jamie Gutfreund (Chief Strategy Officer) of the…

With a high divorce rate in the West, we must consider what is causing relationships to fail

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Whenever you first meet someone you like, it is hard not to see them through rose-tinted glasses. As you see them more and more, you forget their flaws and seem to objectify them.

Being a friend takes a backseat to lust and validation. Simple considerations and logical reasoning become clouded as you take liberties with your values and beliefs to accommodate another person. You know you are doing it but you can’t stop because you are in some love-sick trance.

Many people seemingly get stuck in this cycle where they don’t truly connect with their partner. People tend to get…

A tug of war of the soul

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When writing I have to ask myself if I am being honest. Am I writing about what I think people want to hear or is it coming from my soul?

Journaling Means I Can Write Directly From the Soul

This is why I like journaling — I can write whatever I want and not fear the criticism of others. Believe me, I don’t care much about the opinions of others, but what I do worry about is that an employer finds my name and sees that I sometimes write on Socialism or universal basic income.

Potential Problems With Writing About Certain Topics

I recently told my very industrious friend my feelings on this. I showed her…

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