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You’ve probably heard a lot of conversations end poorly lately. Me too. Maybe you’ve even participated in these unproductive discussions with friends, family, co-workers… it can be a real challenge, and the social fabric of the world hasn’t exactly been helpful toward connecting with others.

These often-unpleasant interactions usually go like this:

Someone offers a viewpoint to someone else. That person hears it and has a locked-and-loaded reaction escaping their face before the first person can even finish a sentence. Oof.

Sound familiar? It can make learning difficult, let alone solving problems or being productive in work settings. So what…

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In the design world, discussions about the “Design Sprint” are everywhere. With just one swift Google search you’ll find countless articles and think pieces about it. This isn’t surprising; the Design Sprint warrants a lot of attention because it is a remarkably effective design process.

What Is A Design Sprint?

Here’s the gist: a dedicated team discusses a problem, hones in on a solution, and then tests it with real users all within a fixed period of time. …

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My name is Alex Lefler. Photographer. Designer. This is where I say things I wouldn't say on other platforms.

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