Charlottesville: A Tale of Two Racists

Photographer Ryan Kelly captured the moment that a car barreled into a crowd of counterprotesters marching against a white nationalist rally.

Americans (and the rest of us) need to rise up for our real founding Western principles: Individuality, Liberty and Property. The tragic events we have witnessed in Charlottesville show us that there are increasing numbers of people who are actively seeking to destroy these principles.

The alt-right claim to stand up for traditional Western Values, but their beliefs and actions show nothing of the sort — by embracing authoritarianism & racism, they automatically reject the principles laid out by Locke, Smith, etc.

Similarly, there is nothing to differentiate the alt-right from the Regressive Left. They too reject individual liberty, the right to private property and free speech. Instead, they embrace identity politics, violence and victimization — in other words, they’re just as racist as the alt-righters.

These two types of evil represented at Charlottesville are no friends of Liberty, and we must do all we can to stand up to them — but not by invoking or promoting violence. Hypocrisy, ignorance and violence against those who don’t agree with them are pillars of an ideology of hatred. If history has taught us anything, it’s that extremist views are always defeated by free speech and reason.

If we truly want to protect and preserve our Western Values, then the only way we can do this is by taking on these racists (on the right and left, respectively) in civilised manner. In other words, by actively debating them, challenging them and destroying their pathetic ideas with reason and facts. As the Director for the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), Jeffrey A. Tucker, puts it, “this is how the left/right cycle of violence will be replaced by the highest longings of the human heart.”