How to prevent your busy day?

Late afternoon on the working day, you may feel tired of your day. There are many meeting you had joined. One or two of document need to be done before you go to take with your manager. Many questions should be listed before meeting with your customers. Once the day is end, you will recognised that it is the time to go back home, your family is waiting for you. Ahh! Everyone is waiting for me!!!

I feel busy on my working day. How can I make it better?

Priority — Most of management theory will tell you that the priority will help you to fix the busy daily job and then How to sequence your task?

  1. You should know your environment condition (company culture).
  2. Then you must list all your major tasks (it almost listed in your job description). All these tasks will be evaluated your performance in the end of working year.
  3. List the remaining task (any task that not in your job description) continue into your major tasks.
  4. Now, you will need to score each tasks. Hint: if score 1–10, you must give score based on the important, preferred task and difficulties
  5. Once all score filled in, each score task should be total (total = important + prefer + difficulties). You must reorder from top to low score. Then put it into your period in the weekly, monthly and yearly.

*This scenario just my personal practices. you can adapt based on yourself.

Migration — Deadline is what you must know before starting or during working. It will cause your re-prioritise your work if it change or there is a new hurry job. Many times, I faces with the difficulties of managing on-hand task. You may consider task prioritisation again. Now, you should migrate some tasks from your current plan (just current planing period). Move the less prioritised task to next round of your planing. If you cannot you should ask to transfer it to your team member but you need to use your soft skilled (negotiation).

*On my plan, I will not plan too tight.

Task Management Tools— Application!!! There are many task management tools in the market. Individual or Team application are a required when you are done the prioritisation. It really helps to summarise your tasks in each day, each month and each year. You can use this improve your work performance. Some of known application such as Trello, OneNote and Evernote. You should review as your requirements.

Finally, This article purposed to help you on self-organised during your work life. Sometimes, you need to adapt and add some techniques. No best tools in the world but there is a perfect solution for you.

PS. Any comments are really helpful. Please give me some feedback. :)

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