I come from a java world and I can definitely see the difference in the power of the tools I have…
Rômulo Augusto Santos

You’re right, the author is making the point that that you won’t *ship* fewer bugs using typescript compared to Tdd. My point is more that typescript helps me catch the typing bugs in conjunction with Tdd even before tests are run. I find this a win even if the author disagrees.

My point is also more that using typescript in conjunction with Tdd that I can ship the same number of bugs — faster :-) in theory this will gain me time to resolve those bugs that are found leading to fewer bugs given the same amount of time.

The author and I differ on opinions of the significance of the types of bugs typescript helps resolve and I think that’s ok. This is probably due to experience levels. Perhaps as a relatively newer js developer myself I find more value in the bugs it prevents. To be fair it’s not just typos but the autocomplete is great and knowing when to pass what type of object vs string vs number vs router object and method chaining through complex observables or promises is helpful. There’s no silver bullet and it doesn’t make me a 10x developer but I’m happy with being just a 1.001 better than I was before.

There is just so little investment to add type annotations and such a relatively big return that I don’t mind using types. Eslint handles some but not all typing issues and ternjs just constantly stopped working in my setup that I gave up on it but perhaps if it is working better these days I can give it another chance.

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