Tips for Choosing a Reputable Antique Dealer

It can be difficult for first-time antique investors to get a foot in the door, but it doesn’t have to be hard to find reputable Antique stores Denver residents can trust to sell them furniture that is worth the investment. It is, however, worth taking a few minutes to learn how to evaluate whether or not a dealer is the real thing, as there are some disreputable individuals out there willing to pass off newly manufactured frauds as the real thing. Amateur antiquers can simply read on to find a few helpful tips on how to evaluate dealers to decide whether or not they are the real deal.

Private References

As with most purchases, the first step to take when seeking out a seller is to ask for personal references from friends or family who are already experienced in antiquing. Of course, not everyone happens to know someone experienced in buying and selling antiques. Those who don’t have personal connections can simply skip this step and read on to find other ways to evaluate antique stores and the objects they sell.

Evaluate the Collection

It’s important to head over in person to check out the dealer’s collection in addition to their pricing. Pay attention to workmanship. Well-constructed furniture is better able to withstand the test of time and makes a better investment, and dealers who are only willing to sell high-quality furniture and other items are generally more trustworthy than those who carry cheaper, poorly-made items in addition to high-quality pieces.

Reputation is Everything

It’s best to find a store like Antiques on Broadway that has been in business for some time, as these stores will be more likely to have an established reputation. It’s easy enough in today’s day and age to find out basic information like this online. Simply check with the Better Business Bureau and look up a few customer reviews to find out about other people’s prior experiences and learn from them.

Ask for References

It may feel a little strange, but it is completely acceptable for buyers to ask dealers for references from previous clients. If previous clients report a high level of satisfaction with their purchases and the customer service they received, it’s a good sign that the dealer is trustworthy.

Look for Specialties

Those who are new to antiquing may not realize that most antique dealers specialize in one particular area, which can be extremely helpful to first-time buyers. For example, those looking for antique European furniture may want to find a dealer who specializes in Scandinavian furniture Denver antique collectors can trust to know exactly what they are looking for. Similarly, those looking for art should patronize a dealer who specializes in this field.