Lizzo Made Me Do It.
Emily Ellis

This is a really wonderful first story. You’ve done a great job of playing with the ‘listacle’ style popular on blog platforms, and producing a really funny, moving, and interesting read. Other than maybe linking to a few more things you’ve referenced and cleaning up a typo or two, I wouldn’t change a thing about the writing.

The only thing that comes to mind that might be helpful for a piece that is this in depth would be breaking it up with a few more multimedia components. If Lizzo’s songs are online via Soundcloud, Youtube, or what-have-you, you might consider breaking up the items in the list with more photos, songs, or music videos to keep it visually stimulating (especially for those who might scroll through the article to check how long it is before actually reading it). I’d be happy to help you work any of those elements in (via the embedding features) that you’d like. Just give me a shout and I can help you get started on stuff like that.

As a whole, this piece is really great and exactly what I am looking for from your group. Keep up the good work.